We strive to maintain the highest possible HSE standards, which are reflected by our OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) and BS EN ISO 14001 (environment) accreditations. There are a number of methods by which we communicate HSE matters within the Company and these include various site-based talks and reporting processes, meetings, audits, internal information sheets and, of course, training. 

We recognize that ASGC's greatest asset is our workforce. A major concern for us is to ensure the effective, efficient and safe performance of our employees. While we recognize that industry expectations demand high productivity and speedy project completion, we never compromise the health, safety and environmental aspects of our work.


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The implementation of satisfactory health and safety policies is one of the most critical requirements for all organizations and especially for companies within the construction industry. Our philosophy is to continually strive for a ‘Zero Accidents’ environment in our workplace; accordingly we enforce very strict health and safety procedures throughout our operations, in the belief that all accidents can be avoided through these safety protocols.

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Regular internal and external audits take place to ensure that all our staff are abiding by the Company's health and safety rules. Health and safety training sessions which flag up the dangers/benefits of non-compliance/compliance with our safety standards are a mandatory part of our agenda. Employee understanding of the value of high quality health and safety procedures is imperative.

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As a major construction company, we are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment and we are therefore genuinely committed to minimizing polution and all other environmental impacts arising from the activities of ASGC, our subcontractors and suppliers. Our continuous efforts in this regard have recently been recognized by the Dubai Chamber who awarded us the prestigious CSR Label.

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