ASGC started its collaboration with Heriot-Watt University (HW), Dubai in 2012. 

Since then, as part of ASGC’s Training & Development plans, ASGC introduced the Heriot Watt Master of Science programs to its employees, whereby 50% of the tuition payment is covered by the company, subject to HR & Department Head Approval.

In 2015, Heriot Watt, together with ASGC, initiated the ASGC Student’s Excellence award, which recognises the best two students in the Master Degree in Project Management & Quantity surveying and the best two students in Bachelor in Project Management. 

The award includes a Recognition Letter and a monetary prize.

Furthermore, ASGC is currently in the process of developing additional programs and opportunities, aimed at providing additional support to these young talented graduates.

Our CEO Mr. Bishoy Azmy is a member of the University’s Industry Advisory Board, and Our Projects Control Director, Mr. Maged Al Hawary is a guest lecturer & Dissertation Supervisor for Construction Financial Management & Project Management Theory & Practice. 

More than 35 employees of ASGC, between Mangers & Senior Engineers, have completed or are currently enrolled in the HW MSc. Program.

The recent ASGC Student Excellence Award in Master was received in November 2016 by the below students.

Ms. Smitha Eapen, the Best Student in the Post Graduate Quantity Surveying Program:


 And Mr. Jaisankar Ganesan, the Best Student in the Post Graduate Construction Project Management Program: 


 ASGC’ Directors with the Excellent Students and Professors of Heriot Watt :


Left to right:  ASGC Projects Director Mr. Maged El Hawary, HW Excellent Student Ms. Smitha Eapen, HW Principal and Vice- Chancellor Professor Richard Williams, HW Excellent student Mr. Jaisankar Ganesan, HW Professor Ms. Yasmin Nelson, ASGC Business Development Director Mr. Hani Bakir.