Corporate Social Responsibility

ASGC's CSR programme is built around four key elements:


  • We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnic origin, etc.
  • Our payroll is based on a grade system, where levels are clearly defined and transparent.  Overtime work is strictly quantified and paid at a premium, in accordance with the law.
  • We have robust employee conduct guidelines which clearly outline acceptable behaviour. Every employee has an effective channel to voice concerns or grievances. All notifications of this nature are thoroughly investigated by the relevant supervisory personnel.
  • We consistently provide relevant training for all employees throughout the Company. Setting an appropriate ethical and moral framework for our employees is an integral part of this process. This is encompassed in a formal Code of Ethics.
  • We run a number of employee initiatives, the most popular of which include 'Tuition re-imbursement' and 'Fast Track'. Both of these programmes allow promising employees quicker career progression with financial assistance from the company. 
  • Since 2012, we have introduced the Master of Science Programs for the Employees, where 50% of the educational fees are covered by the company.  To implement this initiative we are working closely with the Heriot Watt University, Dubai. To date, there are more than 35 ASGC Managers & Senior Engineers enrolled in this program.
  • In the beginning of 2017 ASGC Healthcare program with the aim of improving employee health and wellness. Designed to focus on various health-related issues, the program will target a number of initiatives, or ‘health marathons’, to increase awareness among ASGC’s employees and their extended family members.
    The first health marathon, ‘Lose to Win’, was launched on February 1, 2017, during which employees were encouraged to take control of their weight and health. It aimed to encourage staff to lose weight through a healthy diet in a fun and enjoyable way. The winner was awarded a trip for two to the Maldives. Runners-up received gift vouchers as well as beauty and grooming vouchers from Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital – Dubai.


  • We work closely with the biggest developers and government authorities in order to provide a safe, socially fair and inclusive enivronment for the communities with whom we engage. We place great importance on compliance with all directives and recommendations issued by the authorities.
  • We have established robust procedures for stakeholder communication through client surveys, supplier prequalifications and employee feedback mechanisms.
  • We have philanthropic relationships with various organizations, such as the Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre, the Dubai Special Needs Centre, Sri Lankan Welfare Association, and Al Tareq Rehabilitation & Autism Center. Furthermore, we are preparing to introduce several new and valuable initiatives to the society.


  • We are at the forefront of sustainable building in our industry. We have the capacity and skills to implement the most modern construction technologies. We built a number of LEED  & Estidama certified buildings and are actively seeking involvement in additional projects  of a similar nature. 
  • As a major construction contractor, we use significant amounts of materials for each of our projects. The efficient and effective usage of these materials is of paramount importance to us. Wastage is minimized at all times; we re-use our scaffolding and construction timber whenever appropriate. 
  • The majority of our business takes place in countries with arid, desert climates where water is a very precious commodity. We are keenly aware of this and always strive to minimize water usage, by implementing not only ISO standards but also our own incremental procedures at our sites and production facilities. 
  • Controlling energy usage is critical to our operations. We have invested heavily in energy-efficient systems and technology, as well as in the ongoing training and awareness of all our employees regarding energy usage best practice.  


We believe that the future belongs to society’s youth, and thus we are eager to support initiatives that promote talented young individuals in the field of Engineering and Construction.

  • In close collaboration with Heriot Watt, ASGC introduced the ASGC Students Excellence Award in 2015, which recognizes the top two postgraduate students in Project Management & Quantity surveying, and the top two undergraduate students in Project Management.

The award comprises a Letter of Recognition and a monetary prize. Read more about HW initiative.

  • Other initiatives includes ASGC’s participation in a number of industry related events, forums and conferences to share and exchange the knowledge and experience with the other industry professionals. We participate at the events organized by the American University of Dubai, AACE International Conference, Construction Innovation Forum, Dubai International Project Management Forum, BIM Summits, Synchro Conference for Construction Technologies – Norway, and others.